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Happy Anniversary
"Are you ready to go?" Tony asked as he walked into his and Steve's bedroom. Steve was looking in the mirror and attempting to tie his bright red tie, but he was having difficulty.
"Almost," Steve said, turning, "Is Peter in bed yet?" Tony closed the space between them and pushed Steve's fumbling hands away from his tie before responding.
"He fell asleep pretty quickly," Tony said with a smile, taking Steve's tie in his own dexterous hands and tying it quickly. After tightening it carefully, he pulled on the soft velvety fabric so Steve bent over and their lips met. Steve smiled and kissed Tony back with equal enthusiasm. Tony pulled away slowly a minute later and rested his forehead against Steve's, letting their breath mingle for a few moments. Tony's hands slid around Steve's waist carefully and pulled him even closer.
"Happy Anniversary," Steve whispered, returning his embrace.
"And a great one to you too, Capsic-"
"Mr. Stark, it seems your son has re-awoken. His vital signs are fi
:iconrileygar25:rileygar25 49 12
Melting Tony Stark's Heart With A Kitten
Peter was five years old when he brought home a little surprise to his fathers.
  "Daddy! Papa!" Peter ran into the house after Happy brought him home from Kindergarten. Steve was the first to greet his son; Tony was making his way up from his workshop looking sleepy.
  "Can we keep it Papa?" Peter's big round brown eyes pleaded his father as Steve knelt by his son to see what he had.
  "Tony, come here," Steve shouted in his direction and Tony grumpily came into the foyer.
  "What?" Tony snapped trying to get into the kitchen for some coffee or some sort of sustenance.
  "Just…come here," Steve was patient with his husband but Tony really didn't want to be bothered right now. He humored Steve and went by his side and what he saw in Steve's hand made his eyes go wide.
  "Oh no, no, no, no! We are not having any cats running around this house!" Tony pointed at the kitten sitting contently in Steve's large hand.
:iconlilnaugrim:lilnaugrim 169 129
Focus Tony, Focus---Frosting!
  "Tony, are you going to class today?" Clint Barton asked the nineteen year old who was still sleeping. Tony rolled over and grunted a reply. "You know you should probably go to that art class, if I remember correctly your professor is the one who hates when his students don't show up unless you're going to drop the course," Clint told him and left the doorway.
Tony had met Clint when he first started to go to college and the two instantly struck up a friendship. He had invited Clint to live in his apartment near the campus that his parents were paying for. Clint obviously accepted the invitation to live rent free and be able to eat all the cookies and frosting he wanted.
Tony groaned when he finally woke up with one hell of a hangover. He remembered bits and parts of the party but most of it was a blur meaning he drank excessively. Actually he was surprised he wasn't hanging over a toilet right now, but he figured that might be coming soon anyway.
When Tony did get up it wa
:iconlilnaugrim:lilnaugrim 96 16
College Puppies
Stony fluff! Also character injuries but no death, I promise! Read description if you haven't read the other two first!
Steve woke with what appeared to be a headache, he wasn't sure where it came from but all he knew was that everything seemed so loud and bright. He remembered going to that party last night, another one of Thor's. He also remembered meeting his brother Loki but he didn't remember drinking or anything and Tony only had a beer so neither of them were drunk. So why did he feel like he was hit by a train or something? He groaned to himself and turned from his back to cuddle with his boyfriend; Tony Stark. He gave a yawn and finally opened his eyes.
  "Tony?" Steve asked upon seeing nothing except a large wall of grey. Steve sat up and looked up the grey wall to find that it ended with Tony's messy black hair. "Why is everything so…big?" Steve asked and got up to find
:iconlilnaugrim:lilnaugrim 47 33
College Germs
Please read the description first! It holds important information!!
Tony woke up on his own Friday morning and stretched out feeling like he had a hangover but then he remembered it was just a good fucking from his boyfriend last night. Tony smiled to himself and took a deep breath of morning air and went to turn but a bulky mass was preventing him from doing so.
  "Steve?" Tony asked, his voice almost an octave lower in the morning. He cleared his throat and rolled to look at the bare back of his boyfriend. "Steve? Why are you still here? Did you oversleep?" Tony grinned at the thought he wore the poor boy out last night. His grin faltered when Steve breathed in and wheezed and then coughed. Tony could feel the bronchial vibrations through Steve's body and quickly sat up to lean himself over Steve to see if he was awake.
  "Morning," Steve whispered, afraid to use his voice i
:iconlilnaugrim:lilnaugrim 36 10
Not A Typical Day for Steve
Today was like any other day for Steve Rogers. He got up at the crack of dawn, went for his morning jog around the city and then went back to the Stark mansion to eat a large breakfast. Then his morning shower and then his days were open. Sometimes he had to go to a press conference and other times he was invited by Tony to get some lunch and hang out. The relationship between the two had increasingly gotten between since the last Loki incident.
Today Steve had chosen to take part of the morning, go up to the roof of the mansion where there where lawn chairs already set up facing the ocean where the sun would set. He took one of the regular chairs and set it towards the city. He leaned his sketch pad against the ledge of the building and took out his array of pencils. He chose a soft pencil; specifically a 6 B, which was a very soft pencil indeed. It was almost the consistency of a hard charcoal, Steve liked the way the lead gave way under his hand and he promptly started to sketch wha
:iconlilnaugrim:lilnaugrim 104 46
Steve x Tony - A superfamily fanfic!
"Oh my gosh, it is crying again!!"
"Don't say it like that! He is not 'it', he is a baby!"
"Yes, that's what I'm saying, it as a baby-it!"
Steve took Peter out of his cradle, shooting a glare at Tony. The small bundle in his hands was whimpering loudly.
"Shh, it's okay, sweetie, it's okay," Steve cooed to Peter, rocking him gently. Tony was looking at this scene from the couch, eyeing suspiciously the small boy.
"Why is it.. he is always crying?" he asked bitterly.
"That's what babies do, Tony. How else are they suppose to get our attention?" Steve scrunched his nose. "His diaper needs to be changed. Here, hold him, while I'll get the stuff."
"No!" Tony had this panicked expression on his face as every time Steve asked him to come closer to Peter. "Can't I go get the diapers?"
"And where do we keep them, Tony?" Steve said, narrowing his eyes.
"Ee.. we keep them.. ee.." he stuttered. He had no idea.
"Just please hold Peter, okay? I'll be back in one second" Steve asked him, giving him t
:iconlemonlollipop:lemonlollipop 152 43
Mature content
Born Lucky (During a Zombie Apocalypse) :iconrainydays96:rainydays96 32 6
What i do when im bored by freek4god What i do when im bored :iconfreek4god:freek4god 35 42





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thank for watch despite i didnt spot something about ffvii in list of your groups, did you like my fic about Zacks unlucky attempt to pair himself with Kadaj?sorry if it was hard to read because of my misspelling, also- good test (i mean that one named "im worse than before"my results similar to yours with except for donating hair to cancer patient - im sharish too much my hair besides in my country we didnt have such service, or at least i didnt hear about this, but since we here didnt have even painkillers most likely we didnt have service wth donating hair - though its very good idea)
Hakanania Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
No problem. :) your writing is just fine to me. Could use improvement but I can't help with that. Yours is easier to understand than some people I know in person. I like how you were blunt in the story it was almost funny just how blunt it was with fowl language and all. I liked it. :D
heredia28 Featured By Owner Edited Apr 25, 2015
i know people often admit that im blunt in stories as well as in interaction, though they usually angered by this, i remember one girl complained to me about fowl language in my fic which i wrote as crossover of ffvii with book "julliet" by markise de sade!!!i was: "WTF???so you all right and willing to read something in style of markise de sade yet you not happy about fowl language,while markise de sade himself ofen used fowl language in his novellas", i guess girl was stupid perverted hypocritic who didnt even read de sade, just heard that he wrote something obscene, so when she saw that my fic in field: "fandom" has word: "markise de sade" she began exited - and wet cunted, maybe - and yet, like hypocritic she is, was upset by language!!!instead of praise me for how bright and happy ended my story was compared to canon of both ffvii and markise de Sade, not to mention it hadnt graphical sex-scene, and that in my story Fontange (girl who raped and mutilated in "Juliet")was saved by Sephiroth - im glade you are not like that strange girl
Hakanania Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
I'm glad that you're glad. I'm very blunt myself so I can't judge. I would much rather have someone tell me exactly what Is wrong or something like that than people tell me in a way that will eventually confuse me. Most people are hurt by what I say but it's just how I say it and they don't understand. I know exactly how you feel. That girl would have frustrated me so much.
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